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Empowering Teenagers

We believe that by creating a dialogue between parents and teens and teens to-be, we can achieve a healthy relationship and a positive social impact.

Our Mission

In alignment with SDGs #3 and #5 of the United Nations, The Teens Project aims at leveraging technology to"Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all ages​"and "Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls."

The founders of the project have set a defined timeline to achieve multiple milestones tackling the issues around "the menstrual period" for teens. This topic will be the first in a series of initiatives.


The Menstrual Period


The Problem

  • Lack of awareness on hygiene and menstrual period and its impact on girls during their transition to womanhood.


  • Fake or wrong information, myths, and taboo surrounding the topic of menstrual period


  • Lack of affordable hygiene product for girls in different areas around the world


  • Lack of accessible and affordable educational material to all teens, boys and girls.

The Solution

  • Create and educate a community of parents of teens, teens and pre-teens around the menstrual period topic.

  • Fund and support different non-profits through NFT based projects

  • Leverage VR to create educational content on the reproductive system



Raise menstrual period awareness among parents of teens through an integrated engagement campaign:

Audio Content | Podcast


Illustrated Content | Comic book on menstrual period


Video Content in collaboration with non-profits


Practical Content | Menstrual period kit reward


NFT project to build a community and fund relevant initiatives through:

  • Collaborations with artists

  • Partnering with non-profits and CSR programs


Through the collected funding in the NFT project, a VR educational content will be produced to be used by all teens.

This campaign is in partnership with Menstrual Hygiene Day

Phase 1 | Milestones

Awareness Campaign

Menstrual Period Awareness

We have collaborated with different entities, NGO's and professionals to unify our voice and raise awareness about the menstrual period


Digital Comic Book

Menstrual Period Comic Book

The book was developed by teens in a comic style to educate about the menstrual period. The book is designed by our talented teen @kneeonlog. The content is written in both Arabic and English and was inspired by teenagers who provided feedback, asked questions, and assisted with the input.


Menstrual Period Kit Reward

Join The Competition

Join the Competition to be one of the 10 winners of the Menstrual Period Kit! The kit will include a tote bag, a small pouch, pads, a heatpad, wool socks and a keychain. A QR code is attached to give you access to an educational book about the menstrual period done in a comic style and designed by teens!


Podcast: Ahlieh Be Mahalieh

Podcast Season 2 – Teenagers

During this season, we will host professionals to discuss topics related to teenagers. From discovering their identity, to learn about their body and emotions and build their relationship with their parents.

The Red Period.png

Meet The Team


Juliette Zeidan

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A mother of 2, a wife, and a certified mid-wife. My choice of midwifery was particularly exceptional to me as it deals with the most human's happiest moment of life, delivering a new life!


Wakim Zeidan

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A spontaneous traveller and chocolate collector who’s on a mission to understand how the world works while constantly looking for socially driven technology and isn’t afraid to try them.


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